UN Tag Explanation

IBC U.N. Tag Legend

31ACode Number Designating Type of IBC
YPackaging Group the IBC is Approved For (Group I & II)
MM/YYMonth/Year of Manufacture
USACountry Authorizing the Marking
CMIName of Manufacturer
******kgMaximum Stacking Test Load in kilograms
******kgMaximum Gross Weight in kilograms
******LCapacity in liters
******kgTare Mass in kilograms
MM/YYMonth/Year of Initial Leakproofness Test
MM/YYMonth/Year of Initial Inspection Test
*****Material of Construction
***mmMinimum Wall Thickness
****kPaMaximum Fill/Discharge Pressure
******Manufacturer's Serial Number
******Custom Metalcraft Model Number
****galCapacity in US gallons
****lbMaximum Gross Weight in pounds
****lbTare Mass in pounds
**********Customer Serial Number
(1) “A” is the marking for all types and grades of steels.

(2) During transportation, vapor pressures within an IBC cannot exceed the limits imposed by CFR49 § 173.35. An IBC is not a pressure vessel.

(3) All IBCs are production tested at ≥ 20 kilopascals (kPa) (2.9 psig) air pressure.

(4) The UN code does not have to be on one line, but it does have to be sequential.