IBC UN Data Tag Explanation

Guide To Understanding Your IBC Tank’s Data Tag

IBC U.N. Tag Legend

31ACode Number Designating Type of IBC
YPackaging Group the IBC is Approved For (Group I & II)
MM/YYMonth/Year of Manufacture
USACountry Authorizing the Marking
CMIName of Manufacturer
******kgMaximum Stacking Test Load in kilograms
******kgMaximum Gross Weight in kilograms
******LCapacity in liters
******kgTare Mass in kilograms
MM/YYMonth/Year of Initial Leakproofness Test
MM/YYMonth/Year of Initial Inspection Test
*****Material of Construction
***mmMinimum Wall Thickness
****kPaMaximum Fill/Discharge Pressure
******Manufacturer's Serial Number
******Custom Metalcraft Model Number
****galCapacity in US gallons
****lbMaximum Gross Weight in pounds
****lbTare Mass in pounds
**********Customer Serial Number
(1) “A” is the marking for all types and grades of steels.

(2) During transportation, vapor pressures within an IBC cannot exceed the limits imposed by CFR49 § 173.35. An IBC is not a pressure vessel.

(3) All IBCs are production tested at ≥ 20 kilopascals (kPa) (2.9 psig) air pressure.

(4) The UN code does not have to be on one line, but it does have to be sequential.