Reactors and Columns

Large column reactor on truck
All vessels fully engineered to order

All vessels can be built to a variety of sizes and can be furnished for atmospheric pressure, or designed for internal and external pressure. All materials are available including stainless steel, nickel alloys and reactive metals. Reactors can be provided in many material finishes and weld finishes, from mill sheet and plate to a polished 320 grit surface and welds varying from an “as welded” condition to a highly polished sanitary, or corrosion resisting finish.

Large custom process column on truck
Large vessel ready for transport

Whatever the reaction requirement of the vessel, whether it is a function of time, temperature, pressure or a combining of chemicals, we can build the reactor for most applications. Vertical designed reactors are typically the most cost effective design.
horizontal reactor vessel

Stainless steel reactor with heat transfer surface
Reactor with dimple heat transfer surface
Large process column
Process column


Trays and packing mediums can be added as an option, and can be factory installed prior to delivery.

Whatever the requirement of the vessel, including batch or continuous operation, we can build a column to meet most applications. We have experience fabricating many types of column, including:

  • Binary
  • Multi Compartment
  • Multi Product
  • Extractive
  • Azeotropic
  • Jacketed Kettle Reboilers

We can also design a system around your column tank to include pumps, pressure/temperature measuring equipment, and lifting/filling equipment.