Drum & Barrel Handling

Drum Dumpers can be designed for maximum portability and use in almost any environment. Push/drag bars, casters, fork channels and crane hooks can be specified as option for any size. Dumpers can also include adjustable height stops for a variety of containers. Lift power can be supplied with a pneumatic system (standard), hydraulic or electric power.

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on workman’s compensation for stresses and strains of lifting. Drum Dumpers can not only increase productivity, but also decrease lost time and insurance costs. Our Drum Dumpers have helped many companies reduce their costs and provide a quick return on investment.

Custom Metalcraft specializes in designs where an off-the-shelf component will not work. Items such as our Lift-Rotate-Dump for drums are only one example. Operators like our ease of use, maintenance appreciates our long-life designs, and management loves our costs and increases in efficiency.

Custom Drum Manipulator
Barrel Crusher
Barrel Crusher