Brewery Tanks and Equipment

Complete Turnkey Brewhouses Custom Engineered to Exact Needs

Up to 100BBL Capacity | Mash Tuns | Whirlpools | Yeast Brinks | Storage | Fermenters | Individual Vessels or Complete Brewery | Full Automation

Custom Systems up to 100 bbl with full or semi automation

  • Mash Tuns and Lauter Tuns
  • Rake assembly with fixed height or self-adjusting height rakes
  • With our without spent grain plow
  • Under screen clean-in-place (CIP)
  • Designed for optimal wort collection
  • Kettles
  • Internal or external calandrias available
  • Designed for maximum evaporation
Custom Metalcraft Turnkey Brewhous
Mash and lauter tuns with automation
Custom Metalcraft craft brewery platform and tanks
Custom whirlpools and platforms


Custom whirlpools and platforms

  • Whirlpools
  • Optimum design for ideal trub formation
  • Tangential wort inlet sized for ideal whirlpool effect
  • Platforms
  • Custom platforms provide convenient working access to all brewhouse components
  • 304 stainless steel rails and frames
  • 304 stainless steel diamond tread or grate floors

Custom stainless steel fermenters

  • Fermenters
  • Custom designs up to 500 bbls
  • ASME certification if required
  • Multiple cooling zones for efficient crash cooling with minimal time
  • Roof mount or leg mount designs
  • Closed and open top styles

Craft brewery fermenters - Custom Metalcraft

Custom Metalcraft custom brewhouse tanks
Custom bright tanks, hot and cold liquor tanks, etc

Custom hot and cold liquor tanks

  • Hot and Cold Liquor Tanks
  • Full range of tank sizes and fitting configurations available
  • Advanced control systems for precise temperature management
  • Round and square options to suit available space

Bright Tanks

  • Custom designs up to 500 bbls
  • ASME certification if required
  • Multiple cooling zones for maintaining precise temperature

Few industries understand the importance of craft the way brewers do. Every great brewery has its own special touches that make the difference between a good product and a real achievement. Since its founding as a family company in 1977, Custom Metalcraft has been building custom equipment with the same level of craftsmanship that goes into the industry’s best beers. Today, we are still family-owned. Our equipment is still all American-made.  And we still pride ourselves on results that respect our customers’ demand for the best quality — in their operations, as well as their beers. To learn more about our advanced brewing systems, use the form below or give us a call.