IBC Mixing, Heating & Cooling Systems

Heating & Cooling

TranStore Heating & Cooling IBCs meet the quality requirements of the food and beverage industries, and are perfect for use in chilling, clarification and curing processes. Available in a wide variety of sizes with many optional features, these tanks are ideal for small batching, storage and transferring applications.


  • Furnished with external heat transfer surface or internal pipe coils
  • Industrial grade or sanitary designs and connections
  • UN31A certified designs available
  • Material and weld finishes to 320 grit
  • Design can be tailored to fit individual needs
  • Removable insulation blankets for optimal temperature control
  • Optional tank mixers to aid in heat distribution
  • Optional temperature control accessories such as lid mounted pipe coils, heating blankets and electric belly band heaters


IBC Mixing Systems are custom engineered for most types of IBCs and applications. Stationary models include a threaded coupling for installation on a standard IBC lid. UN/DOT accepted models use a quick connect coupling to easily move the drive unit from one tank to another. Pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic drives available, and stationary & DOT accepted designs available.

Stationary Plate Mount Mixers are available with air driven/pneumatic or electric motors, gear reducers to increase torque, variable speed controllers and a wide range of mixing blades.

UN/DOT Accepted Mixer Systems are available in air driven/pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motors. Standard features include an inline gear reducer and a quick connect coupling that allows you to easily move the motor from one tank to another. The contents of the tank remain sealed when the motor is removed.


  • Pneumatic
  • Electric
  • Hydraulic
  • Stationary & DOT accepted designs