Distillery Tanks & Equipment

Full Line of US-Made Stainless Steel Tanks, Fermenters, Storage Tanks, Transportation IBCs  and More for Craft Distilleries


Fermentation and storage tanks

TranStore Fermentation Tanks are designed specifically for fermentation. Both open and closed top tanks can be easily handled with a forklift or pallet jack.

Transtore open top fermentation tank
Open top fermentation tank

Standard Features

  • Patented one-piece sloped bottom ensures uniform & complete drainage
  • 1/4” thick combination lifting lugs/stacking guides
  • 10-gauge stainless steel construction with 2B finish
  • 22-1/2” diameter top opening with removable drum cover on closed tops
  • EPDM gasket with plated clamp ring
  • Stackable up to four high, depending on tank size & conditions
  • Patented one-piece stamped valve guard
  • 2” top bung opening
  • 2” stainless steel ball valve
  • Tank-mounted operating instructions & warning labels
  • Virtually limitless service life with minimal maintenance

Transtore stainless steel tote ibc lifting lugs closeup
Heavy duty 1/4″ thick lifting lugs and stacking positioners
Formed heavy duty IBC tank legs
Heavy duty formed tank legs
Transtore IBC tank top view
Standard drum cover with 3″ fusible vent / fill cap, bolted clamp ring and 2″ bung
etched logos on wine tanks
Custom etched logos available

Optional Features

  • 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel
  • Wide range of capacities, heights & base dimensions
  • Customizable drum cover for top opening
  • Customized manways available with different lid sizes, specifications and methods of attachment
  • Wide range of available gasket materials
  • Wide range of valve types, sizes & locations
  • Multiple tting types and locations
  • Heating & cooling jackets
  • Material and weld finishes to 320 grit
  • Volume calibration chart
  • Pressure-relieving and venting device

“The experience was fantastic! I was most impressed with the quality and durability. Our Custom Metalcraft equipment is the most cost-effective equipment we own.” – Allen Jarosz, Artisan Grain Distillery



Transtore custom stainless mash cooker distillation
Mash cooker
  • Optional sizes (diameter & height)
  • Material type (304 SS or 316 SS)
  • Dimple jacket for heat transfer
  • Direct steam injection
  • Insulation with outer stainless shell
  • Lower shadowless manway
  • Agitators (electric or air, designed per customer’s requirements)
  • Top hinged manway
  • CIP system
  • Thermowell and temperature probe
  • Adjustable legs for height and leveling
  • Lifting lugs
  • Sweep elbows for outlet

Any extra fittings can be added per customer request


Custom Metalcraft offers rugged, top-quality stainless steel barrels suited for transporting your product as well as for short or long term storage. Choose the 30 gallon or 60 gallon size, each with user-friendly features for ease of handling and cleaning.

Transtore stainless steel wine barrels 30 gallon 60 gallon
Stainless wine barrels and rack
Custom stainless steel wine barrel 60 gallon
60 gallon stainless barrel

Standard Features

  • 30-gallon and 60-gallon sizes
  • 14-gauge 304 stainless steel construction
  • 2” sanitary tting for filling & cleaning in top center of body
  • Stainless steel “rolling hoops” to facilitate movement
  • 2B material nish on interior and exterior
  • Rated to hold 3.5 psig
  • Constructed for ease of cleaning both inside and out
  • Stacks four high in most standard barrel racks


  • Custom sizes available
  • Fermentation or placard holder
  • Interior material nish of #4 (150 grit) for easy cleaning
  • Custom logo etching

Transtore distillery cooker fermentation stainless steel
Versatile equipment for complete distillery needs

Put our custom into your craft.

The distilling industry loves its traditions. We are proud to say ours is one of them. Since its founding by the Holden family in 1977, Custom Metalcraft has been working with distillers to create hard-working equipment with the same attention to quality and craftsmanship that our customers put into their ne liquors. Today, we are still family-owned and committed to quality equipment that is all American-made.

Transtore American craft distillery

Here you will see some of our most popular standard TranStore containers and accessories. But one of the greatest advantages of choosing Custom Metalcraft is our ability to custom-design and build virtually anything your operation needs.

Epicenter Transtore open top fermenters craft distilling

We invite you to join the respected distillers who trust us with their products, whether your own tradition is on the rise or decades in the making.

Moonshine University stainless steel bar
Custom stainless steel bar at Moonshine University

We put our best into every product, so you can get your best out of it.