IBC Calibration Calculator

Use this online calculator to determine the volume of product (gallons) in your IBC tank

Prefer to look at a chart instead? See Calibration Chart

1. Select Fill Height (in.)

Please select the current fill height of your product in your tank.

2. Select your IBC tank's base length x width dimensions (in.)

Please select the A x B length and width dimensions for your IBC. This information can be found on your tank's drawings. If you need assistance with your drawings, please contact your salesperson. These dimensions will be used to calculate the volume for the Fill Height selected in the drop down above. Ā  TranStore IBC Dimensions 36" x 36" Base A x B
42" x 42" Base A x B
42" x 48" Base A x B
44" x 52" Base A x B

3. Hit Calculate

Est. Gallons

Please note this online calculator is for estimation purposes only. Actual product volumes may vary according to tank wall bulging, environmental conditions and properties of your liquid product. Please do not base critical decisions on the use of the online calculator.