Custom IBC

  • Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
  • UN31A certified models up to 793 gallon capacity
  • Non-certified models up to 3,000 gallon capacity
  • Various connections and nozzle types (sanitary, Tri-clamp, ANSI flange)
  • Open-top or removable top
  • 14 – 3,000 Gallon Sizes
  • Stainless Steel (304/316/316L)
  • Mild Carbon Steel
  • Material sourcing: US, UK, CAN, ECU & Japan
  • Up to #320 grit finish
  • Electropolish
  • Coatings, linings
  • Double-walled
  • Hopper-bottom
  • Title CFR49, per Hazardous Material Guide
  • UN/DOT
  • UN31A
  • UN31H1
  • UN31H2
  • DNV 2.7-1
  • IMDG
  • UN Portable Container (“T-Code”)
  • ASME
  • UL142
  • CIP
  • Full Customization
  • Instrumentation

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