Mixers and Blenders

Custom blender mixer

Custom sanitary blender mixer
Custom sanitary blender mixer

Blenders & mixers are designed to provide fast and thorough blending of a variety of different materials. The blade is welded to the shaft with a solid stainless bar for added strength and durability. Blenders & mixers usually consist of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a powered, fabricated agitator. These provide complete blending and mixing with thorough discharge. A paddle agitator consists of multiple paddles that move the material in opposing lateral and radial directions to ensure a smooth and thorough blend.

Alternatively, a specially-designed ribbon can process material in one direction while another ribbon moves product in the opposite direction to ensure a smooth and thorough blend. If you are looking for a custom mixer to meet your processing needs, give Custom Metalcraft a try. Single and double bowl designs are available in capacities from 1/2 cu.ft. to 200 cu.ft. Specialty designs available.

Our custom processing equipment can be made with a variety of special and standard features. It can be designed to meet specific industry code requirements so you can rest assured that the equipment you get from us will be of the highest quality. We can provide complete processing and material handling solutions featuring tanks, vessels, conveyors, lifts, and process piping. Additional options and features for custom liquid processing equipment may include:

  • ASME, FDA & USDA certifications
  • Hydraulic or electric drives available
  • Controls and automation
  • Safety interlocks
  • Variety of sanitary seals and fittings available
  • Available NEMA-rated control enclosures
  • Wash-down motor assemblies available
  • ASME heat transfer surfaces for active heating/cooling
  • Internal welds are ground to the customer’s desired smoothness/grit standard

All of our units are custom-built and engineered to order to ensure that you get exactly the product you need. Call today for a quote.