Three stainless steel storage tanksVessels & Tanks

Over the past 40 years we have built nearly every type of vessel imaginable. Chemical reactors, ASME pressure vessels, process columns, storage tanks, cookers and fermenters, just to name a few.

Reactors and Columns

ASME Pressure Vessels

Offshore Fuel & Chemical

Lube & Grease Tanks

Sanitary screw auger close up
Materials Processing

Your product can be blended, mixed, moved, transferred, heated, cooled, sorted or processed safely and efficiently, and done so according to any sanitary or regulatory requirements.


Lifts & Dumpers

 width=Complete Systems

Any type of vessel or equipment can be integrated with full electrical, piping, instrumentation, automation, controls, skid-mounting, platforms to deliver your complete solution. We have a large library of past equipment projects in a range of industries to access and build from. Contact us today with your idea!

Custom Skids and Systems

Custom sanitary dumper

We’re called “Custom” Metalcraft for a reason. If you can imagine it, we are your design and manufacturing parter, from yellow pad brainstorming through custom fabrication to complete installation.

Custom Tank Components

Custom Process Equipment

Group of craft brewery fermenters and oak barrelsWinery, Brewery & Distillery

Specially designed vessels and equipment dedicated to meeting the standards and expectations of wine makers, brewers and distillers. Everything is fully customizable to be fully facility integrated and tailored to each producer’s special methods.




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 width=Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)

The TranStore® intermediate bulk container is the most advanced liquid handling tank in the market today. Available as stainless steel, carbon steel or polyethylene tanks, Custom Metalcraft TranStore Tanks meet or exceed all Intermediate Bulk Container Requirements, per Title CFR49 of the Hazardous Material Guide. Design approvals include UN31A, UN31H2 and UL142.

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