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Kettles & Processors

Our line of hemispherical Kettles and Process Tanks include options for atmospheric as well as pressure operation. Hemispherical heads can be formed in any diameter from 12" to 168", and from any available material or finish. Agitation such as side and bottom scrape, clamp mount and top mount are optional. Heat transfer, including dimple jacket, is available for this style of vessel.

We manufacture hemispherical bottom Kettles in a variety of different configurations and sizes, depending on your particular process or application.

Custom Metalcraft Kettles are manufacturing from high grade materials. All product contact surfaces are polished to be sanitary for easier cleaning. Product outlets can be a variety of sizes in the bottom center with easy to use sanitary tri-clamps, which allows easy connection to pumps, heat exchangers, filling machines, or whatever the next step is in your process.

Processors can be designed in a variety of configurations. Standard processors include bottom sweep agitation with dimpled jacket heat transfer surface, #4 polished interior and exterior, tri-clamp inlets and outlets, and a sanitary manway. Processor sizes range from 200 to 5,000 gallons or larger. Typical options include outlet valves, level gauges, temperature probes, counter motion agitators, secondary agitators, baffles, and adjustable leveling feet. Available Hemispheric bottom and vessel design provides superior cleanability and will accommodate a variety of designs. Atmospheric as well as pressure operation. Hemispherical heads can be formed in any diameter from 12” to 168”, and from any available material or finish. Agitation such as side and bottom scrape, clamp mount, and top mount are optional. Heat transfer, including dimple jacket, is available for this style of vessel.

Options Include:

  • Open Jacket Kettles
  • Dimple Jacket Kettles
  • Vacuum Kettles
  • Pressure Kettles
  • Direct Stream Kettles
  • Kettles to ASME Code

Our tanks and vessels are available in food grade finishes, and can be custom designed and fabricated to your exact requirements. Standard tanks are available in a wide range of sizes and agitation methods. Our custom tanks can be made with a variety of special and standard fittings, and can also be designed to meet specific industry code requirements so you can rest assured that the equipment you get from us will be of the highest quality. In terms of materials, choose from 304/304L stainless steel, 316/316L stainless steel, carbon steel, and a variety of specialty materials and alloys. Additional options and features for custom tanks may include:

  • ASME, API, UN, USDA, FDA, DNV, AWWA compliance
  • Sloped, conical, or flat bottom
  • Closed top or open top tank design
  • Variety of tank sizes and configurations
  • Variety of sanitary seals and fittings
  • Heat transfer surfaces
  • Internal welds are ground to the customer’s desired smoothness/grit standard

All of our units are custom-built and engineered to order to ensure that you get exactly the product you need. Call today for a quote.

  • Sizes from 1 to 60,000 gallons
  • Vertical or horizontal design
  • Flanged and Dished Heads
  • Sanitary design
  • Standard and custom sizes available
  • Any vessel used to batch, mix, or process

Heat Transfer

Dimple Jacket Heat Transfer
Dimple Jacket is the most cost effective design of Heat Transfer Surface (HTS) for tanks. Custom Metalcraft HTS has superior performance at both low and high pressure and extreme temperatures. Dimple Jacket is superior for mediums including steam where turbulent flow creates better heat transfer efficiency. Pressure drop with fluids is usually around 10 psig at a 50 GPM flow rate, and is not recommended for higher flows. Dimple is recommended for operating pressures up to 150 psig @ -320° thru +400° F, and is normally recommended for a maximum of 4-5 foot width so as to maximize performance.

Half Pipe Heat Transfer
Half Pipe heat transfer has good flow rates and provides minimal pressure drop. Recommended for water, oil or glycol type fluids at up to 100 GPM and pressures up to 200 psig @ -320° thru +500° F. Half pipe is excellent for cyclic heat transfer conditions, such as steam or water, and is resistant to stress cracking. While half pipe is more expensive than dimpled heat transfer surface, its design provides better heat transfer under certain operating conditions. Custom Metalcraft Half pipe jackets can be formed from 1-1/2” to 4” diameter pipe.

Coils and Open Jackets
Open jackets are the most expensive of the heat transfer types. Typically recommended on smaller vessels such as 18” diameter or less, open jackets are suitable for higher flow rates with low pressure drop. For larger tanks however, lower velocities and poorer heat transfer coefficients are typical. Coils can be added to almost any tank, and used for heating, cooling, or thermal recovery. Custom Metalcraft coils can be formed from 1-1/2” to 4” diameter pipe.


Custom Metalcraft has specialized in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels and processing equipment for a variety of industries for nearly 40 years. We have the facilities, personnel, technology and ability required to deliver tanks and equipment of all shapes and sizes, and the experience needed to suit your individual needs. Our design team can solve virtually any production problem you might have, and we are available by phone or email to address all your questions and concerns. We have developed a reputation for providing the highest quality equipment and customer service for our clients. Our company is managed by knowledgeable and dedicated people, and is staffed with capable and experienced craftsmen. We have the capability to integrate a fully automated turnkey system, or a single piece.

Our primary focus is quality, so our equipment is manufactured using high-strength stainless steel and specialty alloys to ensure both performance and long-lasting durability. We source our stainless steel from the USA, Canada, Japan, and ECU countries only. We use the most advanced CAD-based design processes and the highest-quality materials to make sure that what we provide is top of the line. Simply give us a call, and we will help you procure the tanks and equipment you need at a price you’ll love.

Our equipment lines include a wide range of standard products that meet or exceed industry requirements, as well as custom designed products and systems engineered to meet the most exacting specifications, including those of DOT/UN, ASME, USDA, FDA, API, UL, 3-A and cGMP. In addition to utilizing stainless steel for fabrication, we also have the experience to fabricate equipment from other high performance alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel and Titanium. Our industry-leading product lines include Pressure VesselsReactors & ColumnsProcess TanksKettles & ProcessorsMixing TanksColumn LiftsHeat ExchangersDumpersMaterial HandlingMixers & BlendersConveyorsOpen-Top VatsPortable TanksIntermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), and other custom engineered equipment and systems.

Industries Served

Beverage Processing Industry | Biofuels Industry | Chemical Processing Industry | Commercial Brewing Industry | Commerical Bakery Industry | Commerical Winery Industry | Cosmetics Industry | Craft Brewing Industry | Craft Distillery Industry | Dairy Industry | Flavor Industry | Food Processing Industry | Meat Industry | Offshore Oil & Gas Industry | Oil & Gas Industry | Pet Food Processing Industry | Petroleum Industry | Petroleum Refining Industry | Pharmaceutical Industry | Poultry Industry | Sausage Processing Industry | Seafood Processing Industry | Spirits Distillation Industry

Custom Design – Custom designs for tanks are available from our in-house experts. Custom Metalcraft has helped many clients design and manufacture custom machinery to fit their specific needs and constraints.

Parts and Repair – For systems manufactured by us, we can certainly assist you with parts and repair. In most cases, we can also custom make parts for equipment originally made by other suppliers.

Used and Refurbished Equipment – We may be able to connect you with others in the processing industry who have secondhand or used processing equipment for sale. Contact a member of our custom processing equipment team to let us know what type of used equipment you are looking for.

Our General Capabilities

Material Choices
Stainless Steel (all 300 series)
Stainless Steel (all 400 series)
Specialty Alloys

Design Capabilities
Section VIII-Division 1 and Section I
“U”,“R” and "S" Stamp
National Board Inspection Code

Fabrication Capabilities
Flanged & Dished Head Forming
Plate Rolling - up to 1” thick
Plasma Cutting - up to 3” thick
Hydraulic Press Brake - up to 1” thick
Hydraulic Shear - up to 1” to 12’ long
Vertical Milling
CNC Milling
GTAW (tig) Welding
GMAW (mig) Welding
Angle, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Shape Bending, Rolling
Drill Press - Hole Punch
Crane Capacity up to 60,000 lb.

Material Finishes
Finishes Ranging From 2B up to #8 Mirror
Electropolish Finish
Glass Bead Blasted Finish