Fusible Vents & Caps

5489892" Pressure/Vac Vent, 316SS, Teflon seals

2″ Gits Pressure/Vac Vent, 316SS, Teflon seals

5408133" Fusible Cap
  • 3″ fusible vent / fill cap (Girard®)
  • 316SS
  • 3″ NPT
  • Lanyard (15″ coated)
  • Melt out temperature 250°F
554524Arms and Pins Kit

Arms and Pins kit for Dust Cap

540079Crimping Tool for Rieke Fusible Vent

Crimping Tool for Rieke Fusible Vent

540154End Cap for Ferrule$7.00
521283FireSafe Fusible Valve Kit

2″ 316SS Fire Safe Valve Kit and mounting nipple

542130Five-in-One Combo Vent, Teflon-encapsulated silicone seals, 316SS

3″ Gits 5-1 combo vent, Teflon-encapsulated silicone seals, 316SS

545096Gits 5-in-1 Combo Vent
  • 3″ NPT “5-In-1” combination pressure/vacuum/fusible vent
  • Fluoroelastomer seals
  • Rated for 5.0 PSI pressure and 0.5 PSI vacuum

The Five-In-One fusible cap combines five features into one compact device. It is a bulk storage tank fill cap, high temperature fusible device, pressure relief vent, and vacuum relief vent with integral vent guard. The fusible link is unbreakable and includes cable and hardware to mount to the tank. The vent guard provides roll over protection. This fill cap is an all in one venting solution for UN31A tanks. A full range of seal materials is also available to work with your chemical and environmental needs.

545122Poly Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vent

2″ poly pressure/vac vent (threads in bung hole), Viton seals

550166Pressure Vent 2" 304SS 1/4" Air$225.00
545150Pressure/Vacuum Relief Vent - Viton Seats

2″ Gits Pressure/Vac Vent, 316SS, Viton seals

540052Rieke Fusible Vent - 2"

Crimp-on Rieke  fusible vent, 2″

521442Wrench Adapter for 2" Bung

2″ Bung wrench adapter

521360Wrench Adapter for 3" Caps and Vents

Wrench adapter for caps and vents