TranStore Voyager VMax

TranStore® Voyager


330 Gallons

330 GallonLengthWidthHeight
Standard Dimensions


  • Patent-pending innovative design
  • Cylindrical bottle and top corner design provide better load distribution
  • and superior strength over traditional square bottles
  • 1/2” thick (nom.) HDPE translucent cylindrical bottle
  • 6” ID top fill port with buttress threads, tamper-evident bolting, SantopreneTM gasket and 2” vented poly plug
  • Two 2” buttress bungs with caps and SantopreneTM gaskets mounted in top head
  • Proprietary 2” polypropylene full port ball valve with Viton O-rings, PTFE seats, quick disconnect with dust cap and lanyard
  • Recessed protected valve location
  • Patent-pending bottom design, slopes from five points to discharge
  • Four-way fork entry
  • UV stabilized
  • Molded-in graduated volume markings
  • Rated for 1.9 specific gravity
  • Compatible stacking with other industry models
  • Warehouse stackable up to three units full, depending upon specific gravity of product
  • Approximately 28 units per truckload, loaded upright, or 36 if transported on sides
  • 100 KPA design tested (14.7 psi)
  • UN31H2 designed, tested and labeled
  • Working pressure up to 3 psi
  • Provision for lanyard attachment to top head


  • Alternate pallet colors available
  • Viton gasket material
  • Corner inserts to accommodate products that require limited head space
  • Dip tubes


16” ID screw cap assembly complete with 2” vent plug & Santoprene™ gasket521354
26” Santoprene™ gasket (opt. Viton™ gasket avail.)555004
32” Poly vent plug557906
42” Poly plug with buttress threads564602
52” Ball valve with camlock end & dust cap564593
6Replacement dust cap556290