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IBC Accessories

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Available IBC Parts Include:



An intermediate bulk container, or IBC, is a type of reusable container made for the storage and transport of bulk liquids. These containers are highly utilized in the food, chemical, petroleum and pharmaceutical industries, and come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate different industry needs. IBCs typically have a stacking design and can be moved with a pallet jack or forklift. If you are looking for a high-quality IBC that is custom built for the type of processing you do most, look no further than Custom Metalcraft's TranStore line of IBCs. Not only do we have the technology required to manufacture IBCs of all shapes and sizes, we have the experience needed to suit your individual needs. Our design team can solve virtually any storage and transportation problem you might have, and is available by phone or email to address all of your questions and concerns.

Standard 350 Gallon Stainless Steel TranStore Tank

Standard 550 Gallon Stainless Steel TranStore Tank

Carbon Steel TranStore Tanks

Center Drain IBCs

Cold Weather IBCs

Cone Bottom IBCs

Custom-sized IBCs

DOT T-Code Pressure Vessels

Lifting Accessories for IBCs

Optional Product Personalization

Recessed Sight Gauge IBCs

Specialty Finishes

IBC Parts

IBC Repair & Recertification

Clearance (Used) IBCs

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TranStore Voyager Poly IBCs are virtually maintenance free. The tapered bottom design provides full discharge of the product. The base is the most durable in the industry, and completely protects the valve and sump area. UN31H2 certified and labeled. Patent No. US D666,691 S.

Standard features
HDPE translucent bottle
7" polypropylene fill cap with Santoprene gasket
2" polypropylene fusible vent with Santoprene gasket
2" outlet with ball valve and male camlock
Sloped bottom for 99% drainage
Heavy duty attached pallet
Stacking lugs for alignment and support
Four-way fork entry
Two-way pallet jack access
Two-way anti-tip safety bars
UV stabilized
Molded-in volume indicator
Stackable with other other industry models
Rated for 1.9 SG fluids
Holds 15.9 pounds/gallon fluid weight

Optional features
Alternate gasket material
Customized pallet colors
Pressure and vacuum relief vents
22" top opening

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Offshore Oil & Gas IBCs from Custom Metalcraft include many specialty IBCs for the transportation of drilling fluids and fuels for offshore requirements. Our TransRack & T-Tanks have passed extensive design and performance testing for strength, durability and safety. Designs are available both with and without DNV 2.7-1 certification. These are ideal for diesel fuel, helicopter & jet fuel, chemicals, drilling fluids, and mixing & blending applications.

Heli-fuel & Chemical Storage Tanks
DNV 2.7-1, IMDG, UN Portable Container (T-Code), ASME Sec.VII Div-1
Four corner heavy duty lifting lugs with four legged sling assembly for overhead lifting
Heavy steel frame construction
Marine grade exterior coatings
Various emergency and service valves
Designs are available for lethal service

Lifting Frames
DNV 2.7-1, UN Container
Four-corner heavy duty lifting lugs
Four-legged sling assembly with 45 degree sling angle
Zinc-rich epoxy primer, polyurethane top coat
Four-way entry fork lift

Center Drain IBCs
Maximum bottom valve protection during handling
UN31A compliant
With or without fork channels
Standard 42" x 48" base, or customized base size options available

Recessed Sight Gauge IBCs
Maximum protection for externally mounted sight gauges
UN/DOT compliant
Heavy duty 10 gauge 304 stainless steel construction
Sloped bottom for discharge
22-1/2" top manway with gasket and bolted clamp ring
3" top fill fitting with fusible cap and lanyard
Kenco Series 9900 sight gauge with shut-off valves
2" bottom discharge with stainless steel ball valve
Heavy duty lifting lugs/stackable leg positioners

Lifting Bridles
Four-legged sling assembly
45-degree sling angle

More Offshore IBCs...

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Custom IBCs
Stainless steel or carbon steel construction
UN31A certified models ranging from 25 gallon to 793 gallon capacity
Non-certified models up to 3,000 gallon capacity
Various connections and nozzle types (sanitary, Tri-clamp, ANSI flange)
Open-top or removable top

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TranStore Heating & Cooling IBCs meet the quality requirements of the food and beverage industries, and are perfect for use in chilling, clarification and curing processes. Available in a wide variety of sizes with many optional features, these tanks are ideal for small batching, storage and transferring applications.

Furnished with external heat transfer surface or internal pipe coils
Industrial grade or sanitary designs and connections
UN31A certified designs available
Material and weld finishes to 320 grit
Design can be tailored to fit individual needs
Removable insulation blankets for optimal temperature control
Optional tank mixers to aid in heat distribution
Optional temperature control accessories such as lid mounted pipe coils, heating blankets and electric belly band heaters

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IBC Mixing Systems are custom engineered for most types of IBCs and applications. Stationary models include a threaded coupling for installation on a standard IBC lid. UN/DOT accepted models use a quick connect coupling to easily move the drive unit from one tank to another. Pneumatic, electric, and hydraulic drives available, and stationary & DOT accepted designs available.  

Stationary Plate Mount Mixers are available with air driven/pneumatic or electric motors, gear reducers to increase torque, variable speed controllers and a wide range of mixing blades.

UN/DOT Accepted Mixer Systems are available in air driven/pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motors. Standard features include an inline gear reducer and a quick connect coupling that allows you to easily move the motor from one tank to another. The contents of the tank remain sealed when the motor is removed.

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TransiTainer Cylindrical IBCs are the strongest cylindrical portable containers available for liquid shipping and storage. Each unit is automatically welded, producing stronger, full penetration welds with smooth, consistent seams. The tanks discharge through a standard 2" bottom outlet with guard. UN31A certified models are available. 

Standard Cylindrical IBCs

Custom Cylindrical IBCs

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TranStore Tanks for Viscous Products are specialty tanks that were designed for viscous materials that need an "extra push" for discharge. These are ideal for greases, gear oils and heavy lube oils.  

TranStore Grease Tanks
10 gauge carbon steel construction
45-degree hopper bottom design
Four-way fork truck access
Side pocket sump for pump mount (475 gallon size only)
Standard 3" ball valve
3" inlet with cap in tank top
Options include dry break valves and custom colors

TransLube Tanks
379 gallon capacity (1435 liters)
45-1/2" diameter (1155 mm) x 78-1/2" (1994 mm) overall height
Internal piston follower plate
Four-way fork truck access
2" and 3" threaded connections in tank top
Easy to read level indicator
1/4" air line connection
Carbon steel construction
Options include 3" ball valve, 3" dry break valve and custom colors

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Storage & Fermentation IBCs for Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries are designed for the beverage industries, making these IBCs ideal for small batching, fermentation, storage and transferring applications.  More...

Standard features
304 stainless steel construction
22-1/2" diameter top fill opening with 2" sanitary connection installed in the center of the cover, food grade gasket and lever lock clamp ring assembly
Patented sloped bottom for near complete drainage
2" sanitary discharge ball valve with protective guard
Stackable three high, full or empty, up to 550 gallon capacity

Optional features
304/304L stainless steel, 316/316L stainless steel, or carbon steel
Closed or open top
Dimpled heat transfer surface for cooling with glycol or water
Interior food-grade weld finish or #4 material finish
Sanitary racking fittings
Thermowell for temperature monitoring
Sampling valves 
Customized manway sizes and styles available for installation in top or shell
Pressure relief valves
Additional gasket materials
Additional fittings & locations
Material & weld finishes to 320 grit
Pressure-relieving & venting devices
Thermostat mounting brackets
Lid bracket holder
Custom logos

Heat Transfer Surfaces
Dimpled heat transfer surfaces are constructed of 14 gauge 304 stainless steel and designed for maximums of 200 F and 100 psig. Surfaces have upper and lower manifolds with 1" female NPT connections. When using glycol, one sheet or side should cool product from approximately 70 F to 28 F within 24-48 hours. Results may vary depending upon external conditions.

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Custom Processing Equipment

Custom Metalcraft has specialized in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks, pressure vessels and processing equipment for a variety of industries for nearly 40 years. We have the facilities, personnel, technology and ability required to deliver tanks and equipment of all shapes and sizes, and the experience needed to suit your individual needs. Our design team can solve virtually any production problem you might have, and we are available by phone or email to address all your questions and concerns. We have developed a reputation for providing the highest quality equipment and customer service for our clients. Our company is managed by knowledgeable and dedicated people, and is staffed with capable and experienced craftsmen. We have the capability to integrate a fully automated turnkey system, or a single piece.

Our primary focus is quality, so our equipment is manufactured using high-strength stainless steel and specialty alloys to ensure both performance and long-lasting durability. We source our stainless steel from the USA, Canada, Japan, and ECU countries only. We use the most advanced CAD-based design processes and the highest-quality materials to make sure that what we provide is top of the line. Simply give us a call, and we will help you procure the tanks and equipment you need at a price you’ll love.

Our equipment lines include a wide range of standard products that meet or exceed industry requirements, as well as custom designed products and systems engineered to meet the most exacting specifications, including those of DOT/UN, ASME, USDA, FDA, API, UL, 3-A and cGMP. In addition to utilizing stainless steel for fabrication, we also have the experience to fabricate equipment from other high performance alloys such as Hastelloy, Monel and Titanium. Our industry-leading product lines include Pressure VesselsReactors & ColumnsProcess TanksKettles & ProcessorsMixing TanksColumn LiftsHeat ExchangersDumpersMaterial HandlingMixers & BlendersConveyorsOpen-Top VatsPortable TanksIntermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), and other custom engineered equipment and systems.

Custom Design – Custom designs for IBCs are available from our in-house experts. Custom Metalcraft helps industry clients design and manufacture custom tanks to fit their specific needs and constraints.

Parts and Repair – For systems manufactured by us, we can certainly assist you with parts and repair. In most cases, we can also custom make parts for equipment originally made by other suppliers.

Used and Refurbished Equipment – We may be able to connect you with others who have secondhand or used processing equipment for sale. Contact a member of our custom processing equipment team to let us know what type of used equipment you are looking for.

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Industries Served

Beverage Processing Industry | Biofuels Industry | Chemical Processing Industry | Commercial Brewing Industry | Commerical Bakery Industry | Commerical Winery Industry | Cosmetics Industry | Craft Brewing Industry | Craft Distillery Industry | Dairy Industry | Flavor Industry | Food Processing Industry | Meat Industry | Offshore Oil & Gas Industry | Oil & Gas Industry | Pet Food Processing Industry | Petroleum Industry | Petroleum Refining Industry | Pharmaceutical Industry | Poultry Industry | Sausage Processing Industry | Seafood Processing Industry | Spirits Distillation Industry